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Care of your handmade jewellery

Please remove before bathing, swimming or exercising. Any exposure to water could compromise the metals and beads. Extra wear and tear or unintentional stress during sports may lead to damage to metal plating or bead finishes. Some semi precious beads are softer than others and for this reason prolonged exposure to water, sweat or chemicals (in cleaning products or swimming pools) may cause long term or permanent damage. Also wearing jewellery while participating in sports is not encouraged as accidents may occur if earrings necklaces or bracelets are pulled or broken during the game or activity.

Clean gently with a soft cloth.

Remove before bed. Wearing handmade or costume jewellery in bed can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the structure or finishes. Plated metals will wear off much more  quickly if worn in such conditions 

Store in a cool place in a soft lined jewellery box or drawer. A lined box or drawer helps keep your jewellery from being damaged or scratched. Some beads and metals are better kept out of sunlight too as they tarnishor loose their colour.

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