This hand knotted necklace is made using 4mm and 6mm round gemstone beads with tiny bronze coloured glass seed beads.


~ This is a light weight, delicate necklace, 18" (45cm) in length made using incredibly strong nylon thread in a bronze/brown shade.

~ All metal components are Sterling Silver.

~ This necklace comes on a Legend card with the potential qualities of the semi-precious stones.

~ Genuine gemstones.


This necklace was designed to reflect the rainbow colours of the Chakra system. Each stone represents an energy point in the body. The stones used are: Amethyst, Lapis, Turquoise, Aventurine, Gold Tiger Eye, Carnelian & Red Jasper.


This piece of jewellery has been individually handmade by me (Lorna Speight) for the Spirit Of Colour Jewellery range. For each item I carefully select the semi-precious beads and use quality components to ensure a high standard.


The thread allows the necklace to follow the line of your neck, giving a natural and relaxed look to your jewellery.


As I make each piece of jewellery by hand I can usually dispatch within 5 days.


Shades may vary slightly due to the natural quality of the stones. 

The Turquoise used is reconstituted.

Chakra Knotted Necklace


             Spirit of Colour Jewellery, Handmade at Heatherslaw, The Drying Kiln, Heatherslaw,

    Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland TD12 4TJ United Kingdom.